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  BackLogic - This program is a well-rounded Back Injury Prevention Program that introduces "healthy back" concepts.

"Excellent instruction, exciting - interesting, very professional teacher, we are fortunate to receive this course."
Employee, Northwest Territories Power Corp., Inuvik

  WorkLogic - On-site job specific exercise stations

"I learned how to use simple stretches and/or what I can do to prevent future problems."
Employee, Smurfit - MBI

  ErgoLogic - Practical workplace ergonomics.

"It will help me perform my job at a better level and be able to work longer with less pain."
Employee, BP Exploration Alaska Inc. - Endicott

  Core Stability Training - Preventing slips, trip and falls through functional stability training.

"This has helped in eliminating my previous severe back problems."
Employee, Pepsi Cola Canada Delta





  Worksite Analysis - Investigating job specific tasks through the use of video.

"There was a time when I needed the services of a chiropractor and he was not available for 4 days. I did 6 different exercises from the BodyLogic book and didn't need to go to the chiropractor when he came back."
Employee, Northwest Territories Power Corp. - Hay River

  Key Moving Positions - Essential patterns for job function, introducing strength concepts.

"The class is very important, no matter how busy our individual lives, the constant reminder the class emphasizes is necessary for our lives to be healthy. The instructor is very educated and knows how to give that attention and awareness to relax in a class setting. Excellent."
Employee, City of Modesto - O & M (Wastewater, Forestry, Water Division)

  Carpal Tunnel - A logical way for individuals to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by implementing simple principles and prevention tools.

"Really informative - learned exercises my doctor neglected to show me that would help long term."
Employee, Saint Gobain Containers Muncie

  LiftLogic - Practical applications of lifting techniques in the workplace.

"In my job I am constantly bending. Now I suck in my stomach, my back is no longer sore at end of day."
Employee, Crown Packaging, Ltd.


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