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Expert Consultant Services
Click here for our Expert Consultant Services

Do your employees know how to manage sprains & strains themselves - before they become lost time incidents?

BodyLogic recognizes that educating employees to be responsible and teaching them how practice prevention techniques, is the best means to preventing and managing injuries.

Does your organization have task specific training mandated as a priority for employees? Do you give employees the tools necessary to implement prevention principles into their daily activities, including home activities?

To minimize compensation costs your employees need to:

  • Be educated on how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of sprains & strains and cumulative trauma disorders.
  • Have tools they can implement to manage the problems when recognized.
  • Have ongoing reinforcement training.
BodyLogic's Expert Consultants come on-site to provide your employees with high energy, expert education sessions, suited to your organization's needs:
  • Complete program planning - customized as requested
  • Flexible teaching hours
  • Prompt Resource Product delivery
  • Tracking client data throughout training contact
  • Provide result oriented outcomes
  • Programs formatted for the adult learner
  • Ongoing support via toll free number

Facilitator Training Services
Click here for our Facilitator Training Services

Do you have dynamic Health and Fitness professionals within your organization who are capable of teaching BodyLogic's proven injury prevention programs in house? If the answer is yes, then our Facilitator Training programs are made to suit your needs.

These high-energy interactive eight hour training sessions include:

  • Presentation of BodyLogic's core educational principles
  • Hands-on practice of testing techniques used to monitor individual employee improvement
  • An introduction of the chosen training topic relating it to industry and individual health
  • Review of the effectiveness of worksite or personal interventions
  • Concepts of adult learning
  • Delivery options for onsite implementation
Upon completion of the Facilitator Training program and after subsequent knowledge evaluation participants will become certified and have full support via:
  • A toll free help line
  • E-mail
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Annual renewal requirements

Ergo Team Development
Click here for our Ergo Team Development Services

BodyLogic will facilitate the entire process, starting with the formation and composition of the team, through targeted ergonomic education, and putting in place robust structures and procedures. The team will learn how to recognize ergonomic hazards in the work place, develop solutions, present the alternatives to the decision makers, and help with implementation. The team will also be responsible for the ongoing raising of awareness of ergonomic safety in the plant. Periodic follow-up is strongly encouraged to maintain momentum generated by the initial training, train new members as needed, and assist in problem solving when additional expertise is required.

  • Office Ergonomics
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Physical Demands Analysis
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