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City Of Modesto, California

Donald Norris,The Risk Manager for the City of Modesto embarked on a full scale injury prevention program in 1995, using BodyLogic's proven programming. This was a daunting tasks when you consider the range of job tasks; parks and recreation, police, fire, street maintenance, operations. Over the years, Modesto has used every one of BodyLogic's Expert Consultant services. In particular our work with the Fire Department was instrumental in BodyLogic creating a customized firefighter training that has been utilized throughout the country.

The success of Modesto's efforts were featured in both law Enforcement Technology and HR Executive Magazine. ( See press) Modesto continues to provide their employees with our high quality injury prevention training.

"The demonstrations of body movement during the class to go along with the lecture were very effective for creating a better understanding of the lectured materials."

"The class is very important, no matter how busy our individual lives, the constant reminder the class emphasizes is necessary for our lives to be healthy. The instructor is very educated and knows how to give that attention and awareness to relax in a class setting. Excellent."



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