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Saint Gobian Containers (SG)

BodyLogic has been pleased to work with Saint Gobian (formerly Ball Foster Glass) for over a decade. Jim Bowles, Corporate Safety Director enlisted BodyLogic's help in implementing BackLogic as a way to educate his employees in their 17 plants throughout the United States. SG injury rates dropped in the first year, showing a 50% reduction in indirect costs and a 33% reduction in actual claims.

SG's proactive approach to ergonomics' was initiated prior to rumors of the proposed Federal Standards. The company has retained BodyLogic every year and worked with all modules of our Expert Consultant services. In the last three years the focus has been on our customized ErgoLogic program and we have:

  • established ErgoLogic Teams in every plant
  • implemented ErgoLogic management training (including Engineers)
  • continued employee training with ErgoLogic
  • worked on the floor "coaching" employees
  • created specialized programs for specific jobs such as furnace re-build
  • worked in the head office with administration 1 on 1

    Congratulations SG and its' employees on their continued efforts in creating a comprehensive, successful Injury Prevention Program.

    "The class was very informative. I enjoyed it and it taught me a lot. This is something that should be taught on a regular basis."

    "The stretches were very helpful. They felt good. You're right, using the stretches on a regular basis will help. I really enjoyed the class. Thank You."



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