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Voyageur Panel (VP)

VP in Ontario, Canada enlisted the services of BodyLogic 6 years ago. Our programming began before the company had even opened their doors! BodyLogic established BackLogic as the foundation of Injury Prevention, then rounded out the program with WorkLogic, customized onsite stretch stations. To complement the company's wellness efforts, Back Country Adventure was implemented. The employees embraced the virtual wilderness trek, which promotes healthy back practices, and evaluations show increased employee morale and overwhelmingly high participant satisfaction.

VP managed their chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries through of BodyLogic's individual 6 week program

In recent years, BodyLogic worked with VP at the beginning of each year to customize the years program to focus on the company's needs.

"Excellent instructor. Very informative and interesting and uses info pertaining to our group. Always has time for one on one."

"This program is a great asset to any workplace. More people, including myself, should take advantage of it."



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