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The cost of workplace injuries keep soaring. The direct cost of workplace injuries in Corporate North America rose 3.6% to $40 billion in the 2002 (Liberty Mutual's 2002 Workplace Safety Index).

What did your organization spend? What are you doing to manage your injuries?

Do you have a current injury prevention program? Does it meet the standards of a successful program?

  • Are your results measurable, both statistically and by way of employee feedback?
  • Is it well branded?
  • Does it have consistency and longevity?
  • Is it practical in it's implementation?
  • Do your employees respond positively to the training?

    BodyLogic Health Management is a leader in the industry of on-site Injury Prevention programs. We simply provide the best in employee education, and facilitator training through high quality educational materials and creative energetic training techniques.

    Our clients know what a successful injury prevention program is. Do you?

    People generally want to do the right thing. But what if they don't know what the right thing is? Have you given your employees the information they need to know to prevent and manage their injuries?


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    We are pleased to announce that "ErgoLogic Facilitator Training" has been selected as one of the 10 best training products of 2001.
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    "The most well-received back prevention/education program I have seen. The instructors are energetic and really "know their stuff." Our back injury rate was 30% of our total camp claims. We have had NO back injuries in the past 12 months!"

    Dr. Michael DeLitta
    Director, Medical Services
    ARCO Pipeline Company
    Houston, Texas; Long Beach, California



    "We are informed by Training ~ Enlightened by Experience
    ~ Motivated by Proven Results."

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